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Hi, my name is Deirdre Rolfe, I am a Clinical Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Clinical member of The Australian Hypnotherapy Association, with over 20+ years of work experience with individuals, couples and groups working ONLINE World Wide and in Private Practise in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia.

I Have worked as Head Therapist at the Retreat Tarasscon located in Daylesford. Tarasscon  is a highly specialized Retreat treating ; Addictions to Ice, Heroin, Alcohol as well as Anxiety, PTSD, BPD and issues of shame, Low self worth, Grief, Burnout and Personal self-efficacy and Wellness. I also worked at The New Me specialised in weight loss from an emotional Psychological approach formerly owned by The Biggest Loser Winner, Adro Sarnelli.


I love public Speaking and pre-COVID 19 conducted regular seminars on Weight Loss, Wellness, Life/Work balance, Emotional abuse issues, Complex trauma, Self Empowerment and Self Actualization, throughout the State of Victoria and Internationally and speak regularily for The Victorian Counsellor's Association and The Ovarian Cancer Society. I am always open and available to speak or conduct seminars for small or large groups including Online via ZOOM.

CounsellorOnCall was born from my belief that everyone should have access to a therapist and have their needs met within 1-2 daysframe. There is nothing worse than feeling that surge of motivation to make a change, or a sinking feeling that things aren't right, only to be told you have to wait 2 , 3 or even 4 weeks to see someone. As the expression goes " Strike while it's hot"

CounsellorOnCall is about addressing that urge at it's most crucial point. The TRUTH is , all of us, at some point in our lives could really use a bit of extra help. We don't want to be judged or overanalyzed and we don't want to be forced into months of therapy to adress all our childhood concerns.We just want long term positive change, through fast, effective , SOLUTION FOCUSED help with TOOLS so we can move FOWARD and most importantly, when we need it most!

Now that's CounsellorOnCall

Fast, professional, effective, short term help & available immedieately.

What makes me different from so many other therapists out there is the combination of my high level of training and diversified experiences as both a Clinical Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist. This means that I really understand human behaviour and how the mind works.

All my work combines both Advanced Clinical Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT), Difusion Therapy, Part's Therapy , Jungian Metaphor , Somatic Body Tools , Breath Work , Havening and Modern Buddhist Principles to give you fast, effective, permanent, solution focused results with mind tools that you can use long after the therapy sessions ends. My goal is to empower you by observing your weaknesses but at the same time expanding on your strengths. This will give you the tools to get the results you need to effect change. The combination of Cognitive Mind tools with reprogramming the deep subconcious mind through Hypnosis allows for extraordinary results.

My only form of advertising apart form my website is word of mouth. I have worked with 1000's of clients and maintain a busy and highly successful practice based primarily on word of mouth... that speaks for itself. Why, because it works. If you provide the best service and give the results your clients expect... they tell their friends, family and colleagues. It's how I work, as it ensures I keep my services to the highest standard.

There are many professionals in the field of Hypnosis but only a small percentage are highly trained. 

My results are my training! I have consistently maintianed a very high rate of success in weight loss, stop smoking, anxiety , confidence and exercise motivation and supporting adult children of family dysfunction, child abuse and with parents with Personality disorders . I personally rebuilt my career and practice in Australia , after migrating from Canada 14 years ago. In addition to my training I am an Adult Thriver of extreme childhood trauma and have personally had to Rescue my SELF from a highly Emotionally abusive past relationship with a Covert Narcissistic Personality Type . So I understand the layers of trauma personality and the work necessary to regain you whole self .I believe that personal understanding greatly changes the depth of work we can achieve together .

Additonally throughout my career from my earliest days as a young student, I was always given the hardest most unsual cases as I was seen as having an ability to find the deeper issues quickly and create unique models of therapy to adress the concerns effectively and always with a nonjudgemental attitude.This natural skill set continues to seperate me as having not only a very unique professional training but also a strong and powerful ability to hear, sense and create a unique session for you, regardless of your issue.

In my 10 years of training in Montreal,Quebec I obtained a 3 yr College degree in Social Counselling, A Bachelor of Therapeutic Counselling, A Master of Therapeutic Counselling (Thesis; Spiritual Psychotherapeutic Approach to Grief), A PhD in Therapeutic Counselling (Dissertation;GetPsyched The Mind/Emotional Approach to permanent weightloss).I was trained in Clinical /Medical hypnosis by one of North America's most prominent Hypnotist Maurice Kershaw, and obtained a Master level training in Neuro Lingusitic programming by acclaimed Barabara ODonahue.(see below) 

Additionally it is a requirement in Montreal that all students obtain 20 hours per week throughout their entire training.With 10 years of study I did  over 8,000 praticum hours in:Youth Proctection Service, Jewish Family service working with holocaust survivors,The Jewish Hospital working with Schizophrenics, Drug and Alcohol addiction rehab center, Dans La Rue; homelessness & prostitution , Community outreach in the socioeconomic always marginalised community and Death and dying .

My Professor Maurice Kershaw:

Mr. Kershaw is a student of Dr. Milton Erickson and Dr. William Bryant. He is one of the founding members of the National Guild of Hypnotists and now a distinguished fellow. For many years, Mr. Kershaw taught the only full credit courses on hypnosis at the college level at John Abbot College.

Mr. Kershaw is the founder of the Canadian Institute of Hypnotism in Montreal in 1953. He is the first Canadian to be President of the Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis ( AAEH ). He is a psychology graduate from Concordia and London, and holds an Honors diploma in Collegiate Teaching from the University of Sherbrooke. He is certified by the Asscociation to Advance Ethical Hypnosis ( AAEH ), the International Society for Professional Hypnosis ( ISPH ), and the National Guild of Hypnotists ( NGH ).



Change your MIND, Change your LIFE!

                                            Turning trauma into residency 


  • Registered as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the Australian Hypnotherapist Assoc.
  • PhD. Doctorate of Therapuetic Counselling
  • M.T.C. Master of Therapeutic Counselling
  • B.T.C. Bachelor of Therapeutic Counselling
  • D.E.C.  Social  Counselling Degree (3 year)
  • Certificate level I-V: Clinical Hypnosis
  • Master level Nuero Linguistic Practitioner
  • GetPsyched Weight Loss Owner and Trainer
  • Certified Professional Practioner of Sheila Granger's Virtual Band
  • Registered Hypnobirthing Practitioner - The Monagan Method
  • Sport's Performance Mind Coach : "Boxing" "BRAWL"


  • GetPsyched Weight Loss Trainer
  • Clinical and Medical Hypnosis
  • Anxiety
  • Addictions: Smoking  Gambling  Weight  Cannabis
  • Grief  Death  Palliative  Divorce Speration Job Loss
  • NLP
  • C.B.T.
  • A.C.T.
  • D.B.T.
  • Jungian Metaphor
  • Time Line
  • Parts Therapy
  • Mbit COACH
  • Weight Loss :Emotional Eating, Unconcious triggers, Resistence


  • Maintain regular Peer supevision hours for  AHA with CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST /HYPNOTIST PH.D and Peer group meetings.
  • Maintain required continuing educational points by attending workshops and yearly training updates - in various specialized areas.

Registered with the Australian Assoc. Of Hypnotherapists:

Clinical Member

Why be Registered:

Members of the Australian public are familiar with the term “registered”. Psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists and nurses are all registered professionals. When members of the public use any of these professions there is an inherent understanding that the services they are offered are by registered professionals.  For a hypnotherapist to practice as a registered NHRA hypnotherapist the public needs to know the hypnotherapist not only meets membership criteria but also meets other criteria to meet quality control, risk management issues and accountability. The AHA and/or NHRA meet these issues in the following ways:

Mandatory requirements of Professional Supervision and Ongoing Professional Development (OPD) address quality control issues. Quality control also includes mandatory requirements to have Professional and Public Liability Insurance as well as mandatory registration for an Australian Business Number (ABN) for individual practitioners. All of this is incorporated with a complaints commission to address accountability issues.  Risk management is addressed through training offered by the AHA and through articles in the quarterly Australian Hypnotherapy Journal

Each member of the AHA provides documentary evidence annually to meet these standards.   Every hypnotherapist who is registered with the AHA and/or NHRA has an individual personal file kept at the AHA’s National Head Office and on the national database showing documentary evidence that this member meets all necessary requirements. Each file is audited annually to ensure the registered hypnotherapist maintains all mandatory requirements. 


I have always felt what I what I was meant to do.

Kindest regards

Deirdre Rolfe



CounsellorOnCall also provides you with fair pricing - within the normal range recommended by the Australian Hypnotherapy Association.


1 session 1 hour counselling/mentoring/coaching is $100

1 session 1 hr counselling/hypnosis is $150

Bundle savings Packages

Counselling In Person or Online

Pay for 5 sessions Counselling up front and ONLY pay $450

Pay for 7 sessions Counselling up front and ONLY pay $650

Counselling/Clinical Hypnosis

Pay for 5 sessions Counselling/Hypnosis up front and Only pay $650

Pay for 7 sessions Counselling/Hypnosis up front and Only pay $850


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