Encouragement helps smokers quit.

Positive messages about the benefits of giving up cigarettes do more to help smokers kick the habit than scare tactics, says a U.S. study.Researchers from Yale University School of Medicine found smokers who called a quiteline were twice as likely to experience short term success in quitting if they heard positive messages rather than negative ones.Specialists from the NewYork state smoker's quitline were divided into two groups:one group was trained to emphasise the positive benefits of quitting (gained-framed messages) while the other focused on the potential losses from smoking (standard-care messages).Over a three month period 813 callers received gain-framed messages, while 1222 callers received standard messages.Those who received the gain-framed messages reported more quit attempts and a higher rate of non-smoking than the group who received the standard care message.

Herald sun Sunday feb 7 2010

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