An Intensive In-Home Rehab Program  Utilizing technology at its best. Highly Professional. Over 25 Years Professional Experience. Australian board of Hypnotherapist Clinical Standard. Clinical Hypnosis  N.L.P. Part's Therapy Metaphor and C.B.T.


7  Video Chat Counselling/Educational Sessions

7 Corresponding  Clinical Hypnosis Audios

E-Book "Conquering The Addiction TRAP"

E-Book "Conquering the Addiction TRAP WORKBOOK"

Pocket Therapist

Power Energy Exercise

3 Post Program 15min follow-up Video Chat Counselling sessions


In order to take this program it is a requirement that you see your GP to be medically assessed to ensure your safety to detox at home. Your GP can assess your readiness and prescribe medications if needed. Your safety and the best care is imperative.

This is NOT a quick fix or a one size fit all. This is a real Program. You are required to commit to the process 150%.

If you have Mental Health issues or Several Addictions or have experienced Psychosis or Violent acting out THIS IS NOT THE PROGRAM FOR YOU I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU SEEK FULL RESIDENTIAL CARE .

This program can be used in conjunction with ANY residential treatment rehabilitation program, 12 steps program or as an adjunct to any Psychiatric or Counselling support or medical support. However the final decision to use this in conjunction with another Treament Program must be agreed upon with the Director of that facillity or program.

This program I've put together is based on Stopping Ice Addiction with deeply embedded hypnotic suggestions , NLP, Part's Therapy, Metaphor, and CBT.

This program is a deep mind training program.

The emphasis of this program stems from the belief that addiction is a series of Maladaptive behaviors and therefore deep subconscious training to deal with Impulse issues, unconscious habit and triggered and associative responses and the development of self reflection, Positive self-Identity, self accountability, full disclosure and resiliency are the markers needed toward and becoming Drug Free and a healthier more in Control you.


Clinical Hypnosis  Sessions :

*session 1 ) Motivation to change This session is about preparing the psychological stage for success. You will not be required to STOP in this session. You will be given suggestions to truly see how drugs are impacting your life in a negative way. Gain the ability to distance yourself from it to gain a better perspective. Feel motivation and confident in your ability to change .As well as directing your focus toward the rewards of stopping.
*session 2 ) S.T.O.P. Reduce cravings, Increase energy In this session you will STOP the impulse, associative and triggered response to your addiction. You will be given new forms of coping strategies and psychological props to assist in your recovery. You will also be able to reduce cravings, stress and feel supported.  


*session 3) Word Play A powerful session Utilizing the latest NLP to dig deep into the Subconscious and ignite new powerful tools for permanent resiliency. This audio hyponosis session challenges resistence, and build on reconnect to SELF and confidence.

*session 4) Don't Poke the Sleeping Bear A strong powerful metaphor on how your brain works and what Ice does. This is designed to help you prevent relapse and to understand the distinction between a slip up and a relapse.  


*session 5) Mindset :Regain Power and Control of what you "focus: on. Develop an Optimistic mindset or a growth mindset. Reclaim thepower youve surrender over to others .Focused on the areas you can control and not the ones you can't thus reducing anxiety, low self esteem and disempowerment.Feel empowered, hopeful, optimistic and focused. 


*session 6) Crave Exercise Delete repeated word has been proven through various studies at Harvard University to show significant mental and physical benefits. The natural chemical releases in your body of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine support your immune system and your energy and positivity. Additionally exercise de-stresses and allows you to process feelings at a body level.

*session 7) Self Mastery Rebuilding your connection to your true self, gaining confidence in your ability to stay clean, re-identifying to the drug free you is an integral part of your recovery. Engage your internal control for optimal power toward your best ultimate self.
PLUS  You also receive for Free 


* my 10 min daily awaken Hypnosis exercise   

POWER ENERGY   on audio mP3     

Power Energy is a Mindful 10 min awake state exercise you can do anytime you need to get in charge of your focus, your energy, your mindset, your strength, your space and increase energy to use wherever you need it.

You also Get

 * MY  POCKET THERAPIST on audio mP3    

My Pocket Therapist is a collection of highlighted quotes, concepts and Mind tools at the ready for you to listen to whenever you need that additional support or reminder. Only 15 minutes  ,  listen to it in the car, in the bathroom at work, at your desk or whenever you need your Therapist in your ear lending you a bit of that extra support.  It's the SUPPORT BUDDY you can keep in your pocket available whenever you need it most. It's like taking out extra Insurance knowing you can feel confident you have all the support you need.

x3  Video Chat Counselling Sessions with me for FREE 15 min each. This is your Post Follow up care ensuring you stay on track
You also get 

My E-Book  "Conquering The Ice Addiction Trap " My book contains all the educational components of this program.What habit is, how the mind works, why hypnosis works, the nature of addiciton, why Ice is such a dangerous drug, why the treatment in this program works and so much more.This book is your go to guide to read at your leisure so you have the work we do in video consulting and from your audio files .This allows you to read over the ocncepts and gain a clear understanding of how this works and why so you can fully work with it.

You also get 

 My E-Book  "Conquering The Addiction Trap Workbook" This workshop is filled with Psychological tests, Metaphorical stories or poems and added Tools to help you  develop resiliency for all areas of your life. 

This entire program ONLY costs

$1,100.  AUD

I promise you I am 100% committed to supporting you  toward all you were meant to be.
I believe in you You are worthy You are deserving
You can DO THIS

COMMITMENT REQUIRED   In order to ensure the highest chance of success you must commit to the following;  

1) You will pay for your FULL PROGRAM up front in full
2) You WILL be assess by your medical Doctor to ensure you are safe to Detox at home and to decide together whether or not you require medication to support your detox.  

  3) You will read your book THE MIND MASTERY PROGRAM  loaded with The 5 KEYS, MINDTOOLS and everything you need to set the stage and work your program
4)You will commit to each Video chat Counselling  session in chronological order as suggested in order to benefit fully from this program.  

5)You will listen to all the Hypnosis audio files given to you according to their corresponding video Chat session to IMPRINT and REINFORCE or FLOOD your Deep subconscious mind and create permanent change. You will listen to your audio file for a min of 3xs per week or more. You will not endeavour to drive while listening to your hypnosis audio file.   

6) You will support your SUCCESS by creating your own healthy environment and avoiding contact with ICE and or people who regularly use while undergoing this program.
7) You will listen to your Pocket Therapist daily for reinforcement of the highlights and MINDTOOLS in this program.
8)You will stay open, work and trust that together we can create the changes you need to be drug FREE.  


You can likely detox on an outpatient basis (at home) if:

  • Your doctor does not expect withdrawal complications
  • You have no co-occurring medical conditions that would require close observation during this stressful period
  • You have no psychiatric illnesses and methamphetamine associated psychiatric problems, like psychosis and depression, are mild (for example, mild paranoia, sadness, anhedonia)
  • You have a sober social support network in place that is ready and willing to help you through this period
  • You have a safe and stable drug-free home environment
  • You have never previously tried and failed with a home detox
  • You are motivated to succeed

You will probably need residential detox if you meet some or all of the following characteristics:

  • You are also dependent on alcohol or other drugs
  • You lack a supportive home environment or a sober social support network (if you are homeless, for example)
  • You are experiencing strong psychotic symptoms or you are at risk to harm yourself or others
  • You are having suicidal thoughts or you have a history of severe depression or severe psychosis
  • Your doctor anticipates potential problems or you have co-occurring medical health problems that require monitoring during this period
  • You have a very serious dependence and so extreme withdrawal symptoms are expected
  • You have tried and failed on previous occasions with outpatient detox4




I HAVE OVER 25 years experience
  We are ALL imperfect 


I believe in YOU
I believe in YOUR MIND
"Thank you for placing your trust in me. I know it is not easy to know where to go for help and or who to trust .I know how challenging addiction is. I care deeply about the wellbeing of my clients and feel incredibly humbled at the level of trust I have been given over the years as the rewards to me in seeing their success keep me motivated to continue to be the best therapist I can be and to do what I love for as long as I can. So thank you for your trust. I won't let you down. I will however challenge you and require you to not let yourself down. This is not an easy fix, you will be required to work. You however are not alone. I'm here with you because I know you can achieve amazing things. I also know, and it's important for you to hear this, no matter what, you are worthy,

YOU are WORTH IT."                      



Deirdre Rolfe M.T.C.           

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Clinical Counsellor



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Doctors/Psychologists/Partners/Family Members

Don't hesitate to call, text or email me for more information about my program and how YOU can help your client or loved one.I designed this program to work fully online from anywhere in the world there is Internet.This program is support enough to deliever the help needed.However, additonal support is always welcome and dependent on the Individual and what is available to them.

My program does support the client seeing (in additon to weekly sessions with me) 12 steps, a counsellor in their area, a Psychologist, A family Doctor as well as allied therapists such as Personal Trainers, Yoga instructors, (If medically approved), Massage Therapist, Naturopaths, Dieticians, Kinesiologist, etc.This is not a requirement but I certainly support any additional support that may make this jouney inspiring, healing, supportive and most importantly SUCCESSFUL.

So feel free to call me or text or email

Deirdre Rolfe

MOB: 613 0412106496

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So, is ICE really THAT BAD?

That's up to you.

Isholding a gun to your head with 5 chambers and 1 bullet, really that bad?

Is losing your real self over to a false self, or a lesser , weaker sicker version of you, really that bad?

Is the thought of becoming permanently stuck in psychosis really that bad?

Is the thought of long term brain damage and the progression of health issues like Parkinson's disease, really that bad

Is accelerating your aging processes, losing significant weight really that bad?

Is ostracizing friends and family really that bad?