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Are you feeding your Subconcious your best potential?

Hypnosis can



Loose weight, Quit smoking, STOP nail biting, STOP Ice (Meth), Cannabis, Gambling, Drinking or Excess shopping , Get motivated , Anxiety free, Cancer healing/support,Grief Loss or Palliative Support,Crave Exercise,Public Speaking,Bedwetting,Fear of Flying,Fearless,Pain free and more



Self esteem, Anxiety, Motivation, Relationships, Affairs, Sexual Identity,Life's direction,Trauma, Childhood abuse issues,Work stressors, Blended family issues





Programs & Sessions Available in 2016


The GetPsyched Hypnosis Lapband: Virtual Therapy.

Ever think about getting a surgical lapband but were too worried about the physical side effects and stress on your body? With virtual therapy, you can get the same results, without the nasty side effects and at a fraction of the cost... (read more)


The GetPsyched Hypnosis Lapband D.I.Y Home kit program is here!

This is an amazing, cost effective opportunity to experience Hypnosis Lapband therapy for yourself in the privacy of your own home. You too can experience amazing results and join the hundreds of successful clients who have not only lost weight but most importantly, gained confidence within themselves! (read more)


Please Note: The Hypnosis Lapband Program information can be found at - This is one of the Networked sites, run and owned by CounsellorOnCall. The two links above will redirect you there - thank you.


The GetPsyched Weight Loss Program:

Ready to lose weight once and for all? Now in Frankston, CounsellorOnCall offers GetPsyched (as a complete program or available seperately in individualized sessions) for weight loss that will dramatically change your life! Having worked with the Biggest Loser winner (2006) Adro Sarnelli, and Personal fitness guru Ray Kelly who helped bring two Biggest Loser winners their championships, was the leading trainer on the The Contender, The Underdog and creator of Rapid Loss weightloss shakes...

I can help you change your mind set for weight loss success. (read more)


Please Note: The GetPysched Weight Loss Program information can be found at - This is one of the Networked sites, run and owned by CounsellorOnCall. The link above will redirect you there - thank you.


Weight Loss Sessions:

S.T.O.P: Impulse Eating, CRAVE exercise,HYPNOSIS GASTRIC-LAPBAND, Positive Mindset...and more 


ICE ADDICTION Program (Meth)

A 3 session Intensive Program.

Session 1: Motivation, Truth, Focus

Session 2: STOP/confidence

Session 3 :Replace with a positive alternate habit

refer to the left menu on the frontpage "Ice Addiction Program" for a detailed description of this program.

 Cancer healing,Grief ,Loss, and Palliative/support:

For Individuals , Carers and their families

Clinical Hypnosis to relieve fear, pain, anxiety and stress, to improve sleep, to encourage and support mind/body healing,promote acceptance to create Psychological anchors to wellness,quality of life and to lift moods, increase energy and support an overall strong positve mindset.

1 on 1 individual sessions, 1 hr, avail at my office for $150

I am avaialbe for hopsital and/or home or hospice visits

cost $200 for a 1 hr session, includes hypnosis, mindtools, and cd for continual reinforcement.


Personal Development:

Limitless Thinking, Boost Confidence, Stop Anxiety, Positive Mindset, Public Speaking, Heal Childhood Memories, enhance creativity for ARTISTS.

1 on 1 session, 1 hr $150


This is a powerful hypnosis session exploring the deeper aspects of your self;Past, Present and Future allowing you to bring forward those things about you from the past you wish to keep, have access to the knowledge of the future you and align all these parts of you to the present you . $150 for 1 session


There is a beleif whether real or metaphorical that there exists a book that contains all the information about you; your purpose, your strengths, your fears, your experinces.Again a lovely session designed to acess the deeper, hidden aspect of SELF in order to gain new insights that help you connect the dots into the meaning of Life and you role in it. $150 for 1 session


 Addictions:  Cigarettes,Kronic,Cannabis,Drinking,Ice (Meth),Gambling


 smokeing is bad picturerevisedsmokingbad


STOP : program requires 2 session

Session # 1

The 1st session we discuss the Nature of addiction specific to your case.Look for resistance, and set the stage Psychologically to build motivation to stop.Hypnosis is conducted but you are not required to stop in this session.

Session # 2

In the 2nd session your impulse habit is stopped, the addiciton is reframed, negative association are created and the rewards are positively imbued . In session 2 you STOP.

2 sessions cost $350 in total


Pain Management:

Decrease chronic pain, Stop or decrease migraines, Minimize Essential Tremors, Minimize Cancer pain, Promote Physical Health.

Physical Ailments:

Deep Sleep, De-stress, Stop Blushing, tics, bedwetting, enhance senses; eating, sexual pleasures, improve memory, enhance focus.


All of my hypnosis programs can be individually tailored... If you didn't find a program listed above that suits your needs, then contact me today and I can create one for you...

I am a proud professional happily working in Frankston. For professional hypnosis and or counselling services CounsellorOnCall can help.



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1 session 1 hour counselling/mentoring/coaching is $100

1 session 1 hr counselling/hypnosis is $150

Bundle savings Packages

Counselling In Person or Via Skype

Pay for 5 sessions Counselling up front and ONLY pay $450

Pay for 7 sessions Counselling up front and ONLY pay $650

Counselling/Clinical Hypnosis

Pay for 5 sessions Counselling/Hypnosis up front and Only pay $650

Pay for 7 sessions Counselling/Hypnosis up front and Only pay $850