Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state, during which your conscious mind is relaxed, allowing you to easily bypass it's critical functioning, imbuing your subconscious mind with powerful suggestions. Hypnosis is backed by solid Medical, Scientific and Psychological evidence. The truth is, you are already being hypnotized daily by your own inner thoughts, behaviors, habits, conditioning, associations and of course by external marketing.

So what I do isn't JUST about hypnotzing you...in fact I am DE-hypnotizing YOU. 

Imagine how your life would be if YOU were in the control seat, programming your mind for what you want?

The potential is limitless!

In fact that’s one of my sessions... "LIMITLESS THINKING".

How can my problems be fixed in as little as 1-4 sessions?

As a Clinical Counsellor I respect and acknowledge the value of Talk therapy. But there is a time when "talking" is no longer beneficial, in fact it can become dangerous as it perpertuates the "story" you're stuck on. Keep doing the same thing over and over and you keep getting the same results. Hypnosis goes deeper than just the concious talking process. Hypnosis allows you to access the deeper subconcious mind, inbue powerful NEW thinking styles, motivations, and habits.

What if I can't  be hypnotized?

Hypnosis is a natural state we are all in all throughout the day. In a session I will explain in depth what hypnosis is and what it isn't. Hypnosis is not a catatonic state where you are not in control. It is a state where physical and mental relaxation is created, it is a mind training learning. All I need from you is a willingness to change.

What is N.L.P.?

Neuro Lingusitic Programming is the study of the associations between what we say and the mind programs or "patterns" we create. NLP is a powerful tool added to your hypnosis session that allows you to create powerful Psychological states and anchors to reinforce your success. NLP is fast , powerful and highly effective.

What is Negative Adversion therapy?

Although most of what I do is postive focused...sometimes we all need a little extra boost to allow us to stop those stubborn habits. Negative adversion therapy reframes the positive associations you have to food, cigarettes or any other limiting behaviors and recreates a negative association, making it easier to simply say NO.

Why chose you over all those other hypnotists?

The Therapeutic realtionship is important, you must feel a sense of trust in the quality of professionalism, standard of training, and an over all sense this person is right for you. I'm offering you over 20 years Professional experience, 10 years of training in Therapuetic Counselling to a Ph.D level, in Clinical Hypnosis, NLP and other holistic modalities, over 8,000 hours of in resident training  in a multitude of various organizations: schizophrenia, Holocaust survivors, food banks, Homeless, Youth at risk, Private rehab Addiction Center, Community outreach, Death and dying and Weight Loss retreats. In additon to this I maintain regular supervision, attend educational seminars for the required ongoing continual education, and I am a Clinical Member (highest distinction) of the  Australian Hypnotherapy Association.

And in my personal life I have 2 children, 3 step children, 3 grandchildren, I am a cancer survivor, former smoker, have sucessfully battled and won my own weight loss struggles, and use all of my training and MINDtools, to constantly reflect and inspire myself to be a highly evolved, humble, fun loving, optimistic, loving, responsible and contributing human on this earth. In otherwords...I walk my talk. 

All my sessions for hypnosis are 1 hour in duration. Each session includes the use of Mind Tools, ways of re-framing your perspective to take back control of your situation, behaviors and ultimately your mind. Additionally I will explain how your mind works, the nature of 'habit' or 'conditioned' responses, why hypnosis works and how you can magnify its effectiveness.

"Give a man a fish  and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish... and you feed him for a lifetime..."


So how much will it cost, to start changing your life today?

  • Each standard hypnosis session costs $150.
  • GetPsyched session individually are only $150
  • GetPsyched weightloss program x 4 sessions is $450 (if paid in full at your first session)  or $600 if paid per session
  • GetPsyched weightloss program x 6 sessions is $650 (if paid in full at your first session)  or $900 if paid per session
  • Stop NOW! stop smoking program requires 2 sessions and costs $350.
  • Or alternatively, you can try my Intensive 1 session, 1 hour Stop NOW! program, which also costs $350.
  • GetPsyched Hypnosis Lapband BUNDLE session PACK is 2 session for weightloss Gastric Hypnosis Lapbanding and Tightening  cost $250.


All sessions are individualized so if you need something personalized that isn't on the list? Believe me we can do it! If you can think it... I can create it!




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:Hypnosis & Counselling for Children 

Children make great subjects for Hypnosis... Hypnosis works so well with children because their subconscious mind is highly receptive and the power of their imagination is strong. Children haven't yet experienced the years of "social imprinting" that adults have been subjected to and as children they are still in the process of creating the structure of their inner thoughts and beliefs... Children love discovering new things and are extremely open to learning, receiving and even responding to new ideas...

All children under 18 must have parental consent.

Hypnosis for anyone under 18 is  $100.00

Counselling for anyone under 18 is $75 for 1 hour

Over 1 hour is $100



Other Services available 

  • Clinical Counselling: Come in for 1 session or more depending on what you Need. Issues adressed; weight, relationships, affairs, work bullying, Grief and loss, Anxiety, Negative mindset, general malais, lack of Motivation, life's direction
  • Workshops/Seminars: Weight Loss, Personal development, Addictions
  • Schedule to be announced.
  • Retreats: Womens' empowerment retreats (run in summer)
  • Available for public speaking; large and small groups, Women's power weekend, pre-wedding weighloss groups, Women's social groups, hospital visits and more


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