in beautiful Daylesford

come spend an afternoon with me and my Guest 

Workshops that combine Nature, Evidence based Psychology , ART, or Spirituality

Small groups of 5-10

2.5 hours


Saturday April 24th 2021


$100 pp

If youre wanting something that will help you Let Go, Heal, Reconnect , Ground, bring in Abundance AND PRIME you for the best in YOU, then THIS is it!

We are going to create a psace where you will activate those senses, let go of the stuff that is blocking you and dragging you back, reconnect and experince the powerful energy of Nature, the group and the teachings for this day.Im goin gto super BOOST your Subconcious Mind, your body somatic responses and elevate your frequency into the BEST 2021.

So whether you want to feel amaaazing in yourself, relationships, your career, or ALL of these areas...LOCK this date in. 

BOOKINGS are essentials as limited places are available

I require full payment up front because part of being phenomenal is comitting to that ACTION.


rolfe(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 COURSE # 2  Sacred Journalling for Self Healing & Empowerment

Join Local artist Heidi Rolfe and myself implementing Narrative Therapy in choosing to let go of that old script, those unconcious narrativ uh es that sabotage or create obstacles in your life. Let go of old words and living in the past and bring in your NOW. This is where your story begins.

This workshop begins with an Introduction to the concepts of Narrative Therapy with pomrpting questions to help get you started.

Then you will enjoy a guided meditative style Ericsonian Hypnosis group session to release those old scripts and reimprint your mind with new , empowering programs.

Then join Heidi for a beautiful journalling making session where you set your intentions into the journal bringing home a beautiful tool to launch from.

all supplies included

tea, coffee and juices or smoothies included

Workshop Cost : $100 pp

Can't wait to see you there!

Deirdre Rolfe M.T.C.

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Clinical Counsellor








Turning Trauma into Resilency

Thank YOU


Deirdre Rolfe M.T.C.

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