Get Psyched

   Weight Loss Program

 A Mind/Emotional approach to permanent weight loss



Utilizing Clinical Hypnosis NLP ,CBT, Aversion Therapy and Part's Therapy




Written by Deirdre Rolfe M.T.C. ©

PhD Dissertation

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Clinical Counsellor



  What IF , I told you, you Could lose weight, STOP that mindless snacking and Impulse Eating, Crave Exercise 5xs a week, Feel Motivated, Confident, SEXY, Think POSITIVE , FOCUSED on everything you do RIGHT, feel FULL, faster and just take back that control to be the BEST VERSION OF your TRUE SELF ?

Would You sign up NOW?



My program GETPSYCHED is based on the most powerful thing about you,


Deep within your subconcious MIND are programs and habits that are affecting your life more than you realize.You are just stuck on some old 8TRACK device that you long outgrew.

Well I'm here to UPGRADE your powerful MIND so you can be, feel, live, LOVE the Best, healthiest, most powerful, strong, athletic, sexy , In control YOU.


Answer these questions beleow and if you answer YES to any of these question and if you feel stuck, and IF YOU  have a desire to change,




Then this program will change you from deep within your MIND




Do you eat when feeling stressed?

Do you eat when overwhelmed?



Sexually frustrated?

When you feel unheard?


Or just because it's there?

Do you eat as a reward?

To celebrate?

Or just because you're stuck in habit?


Get Psyched is a program based on the belief  that change is possible to all who desire it .It supports the belief that YOU and only YOU can change no one and nothing can do it for you but  I can give you POWERFUL MINDTOOLS  to help you RECLAIM your power by Reprograming your DEEP MIND.










 Somewhere somehow excess weight is an indicator we are out of balance. Many of us deny this fact but the truth is denial is an insidious thing as most often we are in denial about our denial. Pound for pound, kilo for kilo, stone for stone, your body tells a story. And just like chapters in a book you must read each part to unravel your own personal story in order to gain control and recreate the you...the NEW you...the BEST you.

The you, you know you are.

The REAL YOU  deep within.


If your body is not representing who you know that real you is, it’s TIME NOW for you to choose to change that.






THE GET PSYCHED weight loss program will dramatically change your life! Having worked with the Biggest Loser winner (2006) Adro Sarnelli, and Personal fitness guru Ray Kelly who helped bring two Biggest Loser winners their championships, was the leading trainer on the The Contender, The Underdog and creator of Rapid Loss weightloss shakes. I have sucesssfully helped individuals and groups in weightloss retreats, in my private practice, and trained other hypnotists on this powerful system with amazing results.Everyone from housewives, to pro-athletes who regained after their careers ended, those with just a few kilos to lose and those with over 150 kilos.I have also worked sucessfully in binge eating disorders, and bullimia.




My GETPSYCHED program can be taken as a complete program, which consists of 6 sessions spread out over 6 weeks (weekly) or if you want to feel supportied longer we can do it over 3 months.(fortnightly)

Or you can choose to do just 1 session and have great results.It all depends on your needs and of course your budget. 






There are 2 weight loss programs

Program # 1

5 sessions

(The order of these sessions are interchangable as each program is tailor fitted to your unique needs)



SESSION # 1 - STOP : Impulse and emotional eating, feel full, crave healthy foods, feel motivated

SESSION # 2  HYPNO GASTRIC LAPBAND: Virtual Lapband surgery, this session trains the subconcious into experincing the results of having a band placed tightly around your stomach creating feelings of being FULL, EATING SMALLER PORTIONS,and Eating CONCIOUSLY



  Session # 3 : Crave exercise 5 xs per week OR MORE. Walk, Dance, run, swim,Lift weights, move MORE. The MORE you MOVE, the BETTER you feel.




Session# 5 : NLF Next Level Fierce Re-calibrate your mind to be self accountable , motivated and always continue to recomit, refocus and step up to the NEXT Level Best YOU.


                                     Fee Structure of Programs

Counselling/Clinical Hypnosis

Pay for 5 sessions Counselling/Hypnosis up front and Only pay $650

Pay for 7 sessions Counselling/Hypnosis up front and Only pay $850





7 Sessions

Weight Loss program #2 is everything offered in program #1 PLUS 2 more sessions below. This is a program for those who need that little EXTRA and want to maximize their experience.


Session #5 : WordPlay A Powerful complexed word play sessions that imprints deep Unconcious suggestions to shift your mind into a daily practise of Optimism, Intention, and Empowerment.

Session #6 :I AM my OWN RESCUE This session infuses your deep Mind with total accountability and a deep understanding that YOU are your own rescue.It utilizes the best of existentialism to provoke meaning and purpose and a bigger awareness to You and the world you live in.This brings a wonderful sense of peace into you soul regardless fo your surroundings.

Session #7 : A session will be specifically designed and written to fit exactly what you need .You can choose from several suggested scripts and add whatever you feel you need.I will eprsonally rewrite a script to fit and mould soething that fits and moulds to your MIND.

Just a few example of Scripts we can work with

3 Sides of Me: Learn from the old you, feel empowered by the present you and gain valuable insights and be guided from the future you.
The Garden: Remove any residual emotional holding ons from deep within their roots and plant new seeds of love, strenth, empowerment, and lovingly nurture YOU.
Supreme Self Mastery: Kick it up to the highest level you've ever been.Gain access into that deep inner sanctum within you of limitless Power, motivation, and energy.




 Intensive Clinical Hypnosis sessions

Mind Tool : N.L.P.  C.B.T.  Parts Therapy  &  Handouts

HypnosisAudio Files  (MP3 format) to reinforce the work

PLUS* Get a FREE Audio File called POWER ENERGY

This is a Powerful awaken state exercise you can do DAILY to connect to your own inner source of POWER ENERGY that you can direct into fitness, public speaking, confidence or motivation.

Fee Structure of Programs


Counselling/Clinical Hypnosis

Pay for 5 sessions Counselling/Hypnosis up front and Only pay $650

Pay for 7 sessions Counselling/Hypnosis up front and Only pay $850









Can't afford the entire program?

Or feel you only need help in 1 or 2 areas

Then you can chose just 1 or 2 or 3 sessions

Individual sessions are priced at $150


The only thing you have to weight

0412106496 call to find out more



Call me to book in

and GetPsyched today!



















































































































































Grief, Cancer


Palliative Support


GRIEF, LOSS , and Palliative care for the Individual and their family

Cancer healing/support and Palliative support

Receiving news you or your loved one has cancer is an emotionally overwhelming experience which brings up alot of various concerns.

Often you find there isn't enough support available to adress some of the emotional concerns, fears, anxieties and or pain whilst undergoing treatments , for those with Cancer or in Palliative care and for family members supporting their loved ones.

As the person with cancer or in palliative care, perhaps you hold back as you don't want to place all the concerns and fears you have on your loved ones.Or as a caretaker, emotional and physical exhaustion can creep in and with life's other demands you just don't have the time or skills to cope with it all.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a service, with a caring supported professional, who understands Grief , the emotional strains of cancer to both the patient and their loved ones, and the stages involved in palliative care, who could be a trusted support in the times you can't be there.A person who could also offer techniques to assist in helping to cope with all the various emotional and physical difficulties and a person who can simply hold their hand , talk with them from their perspective, explore spiritual or religious questions, or share in one of the most intimate times of their life, openly, at what level they feel comfortable with and just be there with them, in love and comfort.

Let me tell you why I am specialized and able to offer such a unique service.

I have 10 years professional training with over 8000 hours of in-resident field training to obtain a 3 year college degree in Social Counselling, a Bachelor in Therapuetic Counselling, a Master of Therapeutic counselling with my thesis on "Spiritual Counselling in Bereveament", and a PhD in Therapeutic Counselling.

My training involved comparative religious studies , Spiritual Studies and Comparative religious understandings, Master level Hypnosis and Master level Neuro Lingusitic Programming with other Therapeutic Modalities with an emphasis on Jungian Psychology.

I worked for several years in Death & Dying as a Pallaitive support worker  at Pilgrim Project,assisting many wonderful people in their transition, supporting them and their families ,at treatments, in hospital and at their home.

In addition to my Clinical Counselling and Hypnosis training Ive trained in meditation, music therapy,energetic biotherapies such as Reiki, Massage therapy , therapeutic writing and have an avid interest in anything that serves to assist an individual in their own unique path of healing and comfort.


I have personally been honored as the primary caregiver to my fiance many years ago who passed at the tender age of 40, and more recently my beautiful mother, who happily enjoyed her "hypnosis " treaments for chronic anxiety and claustophobia with MRI machines, and Deep Sleep , to assist her in sleeping comfortably and deeply,as her breathing declined. I held her hand until she took her last breath and was able to thank her for being my MOM.

Addtionally I have had several members in my family diagnosed with cancer at the same time.Once again I was face not just with the Psychological web of emotions I needed to unravel but the somatic physiological as well.This is one of the most often untreated overlooked areas.When one is coping with grief society, and well intending friends and family often reward of us with reinforced statments at how strong we are, how good it is we are moving on and coping so well.What then is at risk of being untreated is the "feelings" and how they sit in the body.Untreated, these emotions turn into something as simple as a headache, or a migraine, or tensions in the neck or back.But over time this can then manifest into high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, insulin imbalances, vertigo, insomnia, digestive issues, and even cancer.Your physical health is directly proportional to your emotional health and unresolved or unexpressed emotions can flick that switch we all possess into unwellness.I therefore work with the somatic expression of what symptoms are going on in your life so together we can release and heal the whole person creating the holistic apporach, the only approach, to grief.

Additonally I work directly with those experiencing cancer and undergoing treatments themselves.I have spoken often for the Ovarian Cancer society and trained women in hypnosis to deal with the fears of being diagnosed, of cancer returning, of assisting them to use their mind/body abilities to enhance their immune systems or Mind power to fight, and or experince acceptance, to adress pain, and imbue hope and positive emotional wellness.

I have also seen many ,many clients over the years who have themselves experienced cancer, or caregivers who were dealing with the emotional and physical strains of a loved one,and those who are in mourning from the death of a family member or loved one.

Grief is not something that can be templated.It is as unique and individual as your fingerprint.The adage that "time heals all wounds" or that "we are only given what we can handle" only compounds the hurt , is misleading and potentially damaging.Action heals, and unfortunately in life , the unexpected happens and we do get more than we feel we can handle...and thats ok...acknowledging is your first step...and that is why...I am here to assist you.Maybe you just need 1 session...maybe just a few...maybe several.Together we will determine what you want and need.My role is to provide a support ON CALL, when you need it, to ensure you are supported when you need it most.


Death and dying is not discussed often enough in most Western societies, the fears and shock can be great.Support is there.If you have any questions please feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and or call at 0412106496

Listed below are the services I offer.

One on one Counselling and somatic work

Hypnosis in person or at hospital or home visit

Barefoot counselling:Walk and talk counselling (in a garden, on a beach, )untilizing the environment for wellness

Skype for interstate or International clients


Personalized hypnosis cds

Personalized hypnosis cds can be made to listen to whilst undergoing chemo, MRIs and other various treatments.Hypnosis to treat fears, anxieties,Pain or discomforts,to promote Mind/body healing, Hope and mental positivity, lift moods, promote deep sleep and any other disturbances a person may encounter.

Home or Hospital visits

One one on one visits to  support, teach Mind/Body relaxation techniques, explain the Mind/Body ocnnection, instill hope, teach how selfhypnosis works and how to utilize these techniques on their own or with the use of a pre-recorded session.To discuss various religious and or Spiritual beleifs and explore their own concepts of the afterlife.Provide different viewpoints form various spiritual beleifs.

Emotional support and accompanyments to treatments.

Emotional support available at my office for family members and or caretakers.

1 on 1 individual sessions, 1 hr, avail at my office for $150

Hospital and/or home or hospice visits $200 for a 1 hr session, includes hypnosis, mindtools, spiritual support and cd for continual reinforcement.

Counselling support without hypnosis and cd at hospital or home 1hr $150

Counselling Support wihtout hypnosis in office is $100

(Travel costs will be added outside of Frankston)

Personalized cd available for $100

Deluxe treatment 2 hours , 2 visits (1 hr each) $300

As a trained massage therapist I offer a service "only" for those in Palliative care in hopsital or at home.In addition to  counselling, Spiritual support and hypnosis, I will offer soothing relaxing massages to the legs, feet, hands ,arms, head and face.This is a wonderful nuturing, comforting loving support that calms the nerves, connects the person to human touch and makes them feel pampered.  


Deirdre Rolfe PhD


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Get Psyched

 bigstockphoto Jumping Female 3052247revisedjumpinggirl

A Mind/Emotional approach for permanent Weight Loss

 By Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor

 Deirdre Rolfe M.T.C.


 ONLY $199


* WORKSHOP: Saturday Nov. 28th



TIME: 10:00- 4:00



Frederick Street, Castlemaine, next to the IGA car park


Outline of Program’s Topics

Start: 10:00 A.M. SHARP no exceptions


The Symptom of weight

Why 95% of weight loss is regained

Rewards versus effort

How the mind works

The language of the subconscious

The nature of Habit

Impulse control: S.T.O.P.


Processing: The POWER of your SENSES


intrinsic Versus Extrinsic Psychological , Physiological cues

Negatives : Focus, Try, Don't

Inner Voice

Re-programming your mind


11:30 A.M.

BREAK: Tea/coffee




Life balance

Wheel exercise

SENSESORY EXERCISE :How you brain can quickly switch from positive to negative

Hypnosis : What it isn't, what it is


Self hypnosis

Hypnosis Group exercise Intro : Self hypnosis


1:00 P.M.

Break Lunch

1 hour

(Please bring a healthy lunch and or you may chose a local restaurant providing you are back on time )


2:00 P.M.


The MYTHS of Motivation

Power words



IMPULSE CONTROL: Emotional eating/binge eating

Portion control :F.U.L.L.




Exercise SMARTER



3:30 P.M. Weight Loss kits Received

Open forum for questions


Your workshop includes

Intensive , easy to understand, practical, MINDTOOLS to not only let go of that unwanted weight, but to reclaim your REAL power and learn how to direct it for SUCCESS in all areas of your life.






•All handouts

•5 Clinical Hypnosis Cds







Powerful Mind training techniques to permanently lose weight and learn how to reprogram you MIND

Gain Confidence

Lose Weight

Crave Exercise

Develop Optimistic thinking


Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor with over 20 years experience

Highly trained

This is an intensive, FULL weight Loss program for the fraction of the cost


FACT: Did you know that it has been Psychologically proven that choosing a Clinical Hypnotherapist with an accent significantly increases your success


I am originally CANADIAN 





If you are READY to jump start your summer and get REAL permanent results by attacking the real source, this workshop will change your MIND and change your LIFE.



Spaces are LIMITED Places MUST be booked in advance



Call, Text or email me with your name and phone number and email

I will personally invoice and send you payment details

Total cost of your Full day workshop and ALL your cds, and handouts is only $199.00

A Non-refundable payment of $50 dollars is required to reserve your place

Final payment ($149.00) must be made by Nov. 26th 2015

or simply pay in full at the time of your booking


Please take the time to search my website and get to know more about me

Got a question, don't hesitate to call, email or text me


Looking forward to working with you and supporting you on these powerful changes

Deirdre Rolfe M.T.C.


 EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Although I operate from the laws of Karma, all material, information and cd recordings are subject to copy right laws and in fact are part of a registered Dissertation.No part of this program can be copied, reproduced, sold or used for anything other than your own personal use.









































call, email or text me
Deirdre Rolfe M.T.C.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Clinical Hypnotist
Clinical Counsellor

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Anxiety  and Chronic Stress Therapy


cycle of anxiety edited
Anxiety and panic attacks can be resolved in as little as 1-3 sessions... Anxiety symptoms affect many people. Its natural to be anxious at times, but when the anxiety is constant or when anxiety and panic attacks are frequent then it needs to be managed and dealt with. But how?

My hypnotic approach to treating anxiety disorders incorporates two aspects:

◦    treating the symptoms

◦    uncovering the root   causes

I address the symptoms by getting instantly to the source of the problem, your mind.You see the subconcious has many functions, its where "habits" get formed or programs , but its also in direct communication with your body.So the subconcious effect the way you feel emotionally and how your physical body responds.So in treating your anxiety at a subconcious level, we can stop those ruminating thoughts, release anxiety, slow down a rapid beating heart, sooth gurgling stomachs and add additional external anchors to reinforce CALM.Through the power of hypnosis we can imbue deep subconcious cues so you have  instant relaxation  to help you cope with stress, tension, and anxiety episodes on the fly, immediately, wherever they occur. These skills include refocusing, distraction, cognitive reframing, thought interruption & deep breathing.

Fears, generalized anxiety, panic and phobias can be controlled using Clinical Hypnosis, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy and Relaxation Therapy. Through the use of hypnosis, you can learn to "un-install" anxious thoughts and in their place, "install" positive, realistic coping thoughts into your subconscious and conscious minds.


Anxiety can be a result of genetic predisposition or situational caused by events in your life and or a cumulative series of events.Often when anxiety comes into your life it is a sign that you need to observe yourself , some how you haven't been micromanaging YOU .This lack of looking after you even when you don't think you need it, and pushing down your voice, feelings, feeling powerless, creates emotional bricks.As these bricks accumulate your body and your mind become walled in creating a physiological response.

Added to this overwhelment is that internal switch that is then easily "revved" from 0-100 producing a multitude of umcomfortable feelings'breathlessness,knot in stomach, ruminations,fears,powerlessness,foggy brain, negative mindset and  more.


Hypnosis  effectively  imprints coping skills into your Subconscious Mind in a way that is FAST, INSTANT and PERMANENT. When you learn and practice Self Hypnosis, you can mentally practice and rehearse effective cognitive, behavioral and relaxation coping skills so that they become conscious AND subconscious habits. This is a very important component of your healing.

Also available are sessions to help with Stress & Phobias

Phobias;fear of flying,fear of water,fear of vomiting,fear of driving,dear of public speaking.


Imagine how good it would feel to be anxiety free and in control... once and for all!

Submerge your mind in total CALM  Calm Down by Sugarock99 





The first law of wellness is to Calm the Turbulence. By “turbulence,” I mean chronic psychological stress.

Chronic stress is much different than acute stress. Acute stress is our natural reaction to danger. Like other mammals, we have evolved to be constantly on guard for possible external threats. And when we perceive a threat, our body reacts immediately. This reaction is called the stress response.

For example, suppose you’re hiking in the woods and see a bear (or agressive Male Kangaroo) on the trail in front of you. Your body immediately responds by pumping a host of hormones into your blood. These hormones cause a number of physiological reactions. Your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate increase. Your cells pump out extra energy. Your sensory acuity increases. Other physiological changes also take place. This stress response to perceived threat is natural. It helps you prepare for a dangerous situation very quickly. Once the danger has passed,your body returns to its normal state.

Chronic stress is different. Chronic stress can develop from continually worrying about finances, relationships, health, or countless other life issues. In today’s world, we may feel under stress from the time we get up in the morning until we lay our heads down at night.

It starts in the morning with finding you’re out of your favorite cereal. Then you get stuck in traffic and arrive late to work. You find your computer is down. The girl in the cubicle down the hall says something snide to you. At lunch, your order is late. The meat loaf is cold. Back at the office, phone calls keep interrupting your work. You have to stay late to finish up. You get stuck in traffic again on the way home. You arrive at 8:30. The kids are irritable. Dinner is cold. Having felt stress almost constantly throughout the day, you just want to go to bed.

The Toll of Chronic Stress

The problem with chronic stress is that the stress response occurs again and again, sometimes without letup. Your body doesn’t return to its normal state. The extra hormones—such as cortisol, catecholamines, and vasopressin—continue circulating in your blood, gradually doing damage.

The excess cortisol suppresses the immune system, which is so crucial to fighting off bodily threats such as dangerous bacteria and cancer.

Both cortisol and catecholamines contribute to type 2 diabetes by elevating blood glucose levels.

Catecholamines and vasopressin increase blood pressure, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In addition to overproducing stress hormones, psychological stress increases the activation of blood platelets, which play an important role in the evolution of plaques and the arterial clotting that leads to strokes. Research also shows that chronic stress increases the risk of asthma, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer.

In a word, over time, chronic stress can be a killer.

Chronic stress also takes a large toll in the other three dimensions of our lives. It decreases our enjoyment of life. It interferes with our problem-solving abilities. It can impair our social relationships and detract from the spiritual dimension of our lives. It has been called “the ailment of our time.” Its prevalence in today’s society and the damage it does to our lives is why Calm the Turbulence is one of the Seven Laws of Wellness. In today’s world, it is crucial to learn strategies for dealing successfully with chronic stress so we can stay calm in stormy seas.

Strategies for Dealing with Chronic Stress

Hypnosis can help you acess that deeper part of you, to calm the storm,reframe your perpective and imbue deep coping mechanisms to allow you to have continual good health and quality fo life , create a protective self micromanaging system within keeping you blanced and quieting the turbulence within.

Book now and take the first step to creating the New YOU!

1 Session 1 hour $150
Call - 0412106496

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The Stop NOW! Program


 2 sessions to permanently Stop Smoking - 2 EASY!



I wonder, if you could just... take a moment... and convince this little girl...why smoking is the best decision you ever made?

Go ahead...TRY

Can't do it?

Then read on!

    ◦    Would you like to stop smoking?
    ◦    Would you like to regain your control?
    ◦    Would you like to stop without a feeling of deprivation?
    ◦    Would you like to take back control of your health?


What holds you back?

Do you fear withdrawls?

Do you fear weight gain?

Do yo fear losing your mate?

Do you think you need it for stress?

Then Hypnosis is right for you!

Because thats exactly what so many of my clients felt just before they stepped into my office and became non-smokers, once and for all, permanently.Do you know,most people already know that they are smoking due to habitual, psychological addictions and associations -NOT- because they enjoy it. How many times do you light up and after just a few drags think "I don't even want this"?  Most people smoke long after they truly enjoy it. Why? Because they think the addiction has such a hold on them. Did you know the physical addiction of cigarettes is only a small part of the problem.... it’s the psychological addiction you have to work on...stumpoutcigs 



There's no BUTT's about it  - YOU CAN DO IT!


youdonthavetoseethewholestairscase1THE FIRST Step is the decision to INSTANT, if you want it to be. 


What I can do ? 

That is where I come in.I combine my skills as a Clinical Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist and address both the cognitive part of your brain with Reframes, Neuro Lingusitic Programming and the subconscious with hypnosis, giving you the tools you need to stop smoking permanently.

Do you Guarantee your services?

Be very careful of people who use the word  Gauranteed. As a registered Clinical Member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association I abide by the laws that forbide the use of the word Guaranteed.If you see someone using it in any of their advertisment it is both against the law and in breach of the ethical standards.

Why are you a better choice ?

Every session I offer in hypnosis is personally individualize I do not ascribe to the 1 size fit all model.

I have 10 years training, and 8000 hours of infield placement, have succesfully worked for over 20 years simply relying on word of mouth referrals and only recently my website.That can only be achieved by providing exceptional it keeps me on my toes :)

Some Hypnotists don't believe it is necessary to adress the hidden resistence or perceived fears of stopping smoking. They just focus on stopping the habit.However if you don't address any unconcious resistence, or what the person perceives cigarettes are replacing, then they either turn to smoking again 6 months later or they'll just  replace one addiction for another, most commonly something like food.
If you think that stopping smoking is depriving you of something, then it is just a matter of time until you start again. Hypnotherapy is ideal for this. Using hypnosis, you can deal with all of the emotional and psychological aspects of giving up smoking.

I'm worried about gaining weight?

Not only will I help you stop smoking permanently, I will also ensure that you'll replace that old habit with something you want in your life like; healthy eating, exercise, finishing a project or beginning a new hobby.

One size does not fit all but most hypnotists apply a template approach to their clients. When you book a session with me, rest assured that every session is individualized to suit your specific needs.


My STOP NOW program is $350 for 2  sessions
$350 for my 1.5 hour INTENSIVE STOP NOW

So what are you waiting for??

What will each session include?

The Stop NOW! sessions will include hypnotherapy techniques such as Neuro Lingistic Programming, Parts Therapy, positive affirmations and suggestions. At the end you will be given a Stop NOW CD to take away so that you can continue to reinforce the suggestions we have used, in your own time. The cost of a hypnotherapy session will be minimal compared to the financial and health costs incurred during a lifetime of smoking.


You will learn about how your mind works, the nature of addiction/habit,resistance,we will build motivation to stop, as well as inbue new healthier habits, open your awareness and subconciously set your target date to stop.

Session #2

In this session You will become a non-smoker.We will shut off the impulse, release craving, ascribe negative associations to smoking and imbue new more powerful programs.You will recevie a cd recording of this session for reinforcment and permanency.

*NOTE statistically it is shown 2 sessions increase your success rate significantly. 

 So why hasn't it been that easy previously?

Simple - you didn't deal with the psychological/subconcious addiction of smoking 

Hypnotherapy has enjoyed a high success rate with smoking cessation and stopping smoking is one of the most common reasons why people consult hypnotherapists.


break chains1

And I wonder... as you still consider whether or not to book in....I wonder how many other things you're stuck on in life... that you've decided to age 9...or 12...or 17....isnt  it amazing ...that a decision made so long ago...that you don't even like...that you don't even want... is somehow controlling your life....your health.

What the future...Looking back...TODAY is the day you decided once and for to take back the reins of control...over you mind, over your body, over your money and most importantly, over your LIFE.

I wonder how good ...even proud...even relieved you'd feel...knowing today you decided to change and book in your appointment once and for all.

It all begins...with a decision to change

Go ahead . Make that phone


It's a small investement into the rest of your life

Deirdre Rolfe

Clinical Hypnosis and Counselling services with NLP, Aversion therapy , Parts Therapy

Professional, highly trained, over 20 years of service

CALL: 0412106496

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